Subdued and professional, the blue pinafore is something that all St Nicholas girls find in common with each other. Not simply a representation of academic professionalism, school uniform gives all students in the school equal status and foster a sense of identity in the student body.

This sense of identity does not exist in St Nicholas girls alone, but in every other school that has adopted the practice of students wearing the school uniform. A survey on Straits Times received spontaneous replies from students to prove that their school uniform are the best in Singapore. The students pride for their school uniform indirectly shows that they are proud of their school. Thus their pride for their school shows an evident sense of indentity each and everyone of those students feel with their school.

During many occasions, we recognise people from schools just by the uniforms. Blue pinafores and white blouses are what you would associate with a St Nicholas student. Have you ever seen someone in the school uniform of your school and a part of you thought 'Hey she's from my school!" ? The school uniform allows students to associate themselves with their school, distinguishing themselves from everyone else. This association projects a sense of identity among the students for their school.

The uniform evokes a sense of pride in the students. Students feel that they belong to a institute that they are proud to be part of.
Uniforms of various schools can be easily distinguished thus a student wearing her school uniform will be more conscious of her behaviour knowing that any bad behavior would tarnish her school's reputation. With the school reputation at stake, students will be constantly reminded to be conscious about her behaviour in public. This fosters good discipline with them being more conscious about their behaviour.

Wearing the school uniform has its standards. By setting dressing standards in wearing the school uniform, students are encouraged to follow the school rules. In following the school rules, students prove that they have good discipline in presenting themselves well. Indirectly, school uniforms encourage students to have good discipline.

Some may argue that many students nowadays are no longer wearing school uniforms in ways that pertain to the correct dress code stated by schools. Many students have been seen accessorizing and altering their uniforms in sloppy ways in rebellious attempts to be individualistic. Yes, these are signs of students not having a sense of identity with the school and definitely bad discipline. We have to acknowledge that there will be flaws in every system, including the system of the school uniform. However, let us not neglect and acknowledge that the majority of students actually follow the dress code.

School uniforms enable students to identify themselves with the school, providing them a sense of identity with the school. With the sense of identity with the school, they are driven to have good discipline. Though there are students that fall through the cracks that do not have a sense of identity with their school and are not driven to have good discipline, each system is not perfect and has its flaws. But on the whole school uniforms gives pupils a sense of identity and encourages good discipline.